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Mold mushrooms growing in a wall and in carpeting.
Mold mushrooms growing in the corner of two walls and also in the carpeting
Mold growth inside an attic of a home.
Serious mold growth in an attic.
Photograph of Aspergillus mold growing on the wood timbers of a home crawl space.

Aspergillus mold growing on floor joists in a crawl space.

Mold Questions & Answers about the Selling and Buying
of Homes and Other Real Estate


Q.  I am in process of buying a house in another state from my present residence. An inspection revealed moderate to heavy mold in the crawl space. The present owner has agreed to have the mold removed by a firm that is knowledgeable in the area. What are key matters that I should be aware to be certain that the removal job is sufficient. [December 3, 2004]

A. Crawl space mold easily grows into the walls and floors above [necessitating fiber optics inspection inside the walls and floors by a Certified Mold Inspector hired and paid for by you so that his or her allegiance is to your well-being, not the seller's.. In addition, airborne mold spores from the crawl space can travel in air currents to mold cross contaminate the entire house and its heating/cooling system. Have the Inspector mold test the air of each room, basement, crawl space, attic, garage, and the outward air flow from each heating/cooling duct register for the possible presence of elevated levels of airborne mold spores. Make sure that the mold remediation is done in accordance with the 25 steps recommended for safe and effective mold remediation. Make sure that you have the inspector do what is called "clearance testing" after the mold remediation work is done to make sure the mold problem has been solved. Many mold remediators do an inferior job of mold remediation because of shortcuts taken and poor employee training and supervision.  Please realize that you may have to disclose the mold history of the home to prospective buyers and tenants in the future even if the house has been mold remediated. That will lower the sale price or make the home difficult to sell.


What should you use to kill and remove mold effectively?
You can use a low cost Mold Home Remedy Recipes---available at Mold Mart, or boric acid formula, also available at Mold Mart. You should also learn the 25 steps recommended for safe and effective mold remediation.



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Mold pictures plus information on the health effects of Absidia mold, Alternaria mold, Aspergillus mold, Aureobasidium mold, Chaetomium mold, Cladosporium mold, Exserohilum mold, Fusarium mold, Microsporum mold, Mucor mold, Penicillium mold, Rhinocladiella mold, Rhizopus mold, Stachybotrys toxic black mold, and Trichoderma mold----visit

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